Gogo Peshawari Chappals, Walk with confidence and comfort

Gogo Peshawari Chappals offer the perfect blend of style and ease for everyday wear. It’s ideal for every businessman because of its softness and comfort. In addition, it will step you into a world of tradition and confidence. It is made of high-quality leather which is naturally durable and resistant to wear and tear. Some unique features of Gogo Peshawari Chappals are given below.

Handcrafted from Quality Leather

Gogo Peshawari Chappals are properly handcrafted by highly skilled designers using natural cow leather sourced locally in Pakistan. Natural leather is durable and soft, free of bad smells like other synthetic leather. The soft flexible leather provides unmatched comfort and support to your feet, making you confident in every step of your life and leading to life success. The skilled artisans of our company, Bestwaywear (B2W) take great care in selecting and processing the leather to ensure it meets the high standards set by Gogo Peshawari Chappals.

At B2W, we are committed to using full-grain leather, made from the top layer of hide, and retains the natural grain, ensuring durability and charm. We use the Black Stitch construction method, in which the sole is directly stitched to the upper with even, tight, and neat stitching. This is also a sign of quality construction. Not only in Gogo Peshawari Chappals, but in all variations of B2W, we strive to present perfect finishing to our customers, which is smooth, uniform, and free from wrinkles, blemishes, and rough spots.

Pathan Culture & Gogo Peshawari Chappals

The Pathan culture, particularly in the Northern areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, has a rich tradition of leather wear. Some of the leather worn in Pathan culture includes Kheri or Chapkan (a long coat for men made of leather), Peshawari Chappals (traditional footwear worn by Pathan men), leather belts, gun and ammo pouches, jackets, and vests.

While honoring the Pathan culture, the artisans of Bestwaywear have handcrafted Gogo Peshawari Chappals, which are deeply rooted in the culture of Peshawar and its surrounding areas. From the stitching pattern to the embellishments, every detail of Gogo Chappals tells a story of Peshawar's rich history and culture. By wearing Gogo Chappals, individuals not only pay homage to this heritage but also bring it into the modern world.

Following a culture can bring numerous benefits, both on personal and societal levels. It is responsible for individuals with a sense of belonging and connection to their community, family, and heritage. It provides a sense of being part of something greater than oneself, leading to greater emotional well-being and social care. Family celebrations, festivals, and rituals bring people together, encouraging a sense of solidarity and cooperation. Gogo Peshawari Chappals will help you develop your culture. The skill and dedication of the artisans who craft each pair of Gogo Chappals are evident in every step.


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